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We are huge Brooklyn fans. It’s the most exciting place in America and yet, oddly, it doesn’t have an adequate unifying media or news source — and we think that matters a lot.

We dont want Brooklyn to become a loose confederation of niche demographic groups or neighborhoods, each oblivious to their neighbors a few subway stops over. Hipsters over here; Hassids over there. New immigrants in their place, new artisans in theirs. Gentrification’s beneficiaries and its victims, physically co-located but culturally worlds apart.

Part of what makes Brooklyn spectactular is its amazing diversity — of people, tastes, accents, and experiences.

So, the BK Bridge has three goals:

1) To help Brooklynites know each other.

2) To find and promote the best of the existing (and remarkable) local Brooklyn media in a way that hopefully helps them to thrive. Brooklyn needs a thriving media “ecoystem.”

3) To eventually provide a (digital) place for Brooklynites to share their loves and work through their problems. Brooklyn is a great place but it wont stay this way for long if we cant tackle some of the pressing issues facing our neighbors and neighborhoods.

Initially, we’ll try to achieve those goals by pulling together the best of Brooklyn’s media (traditional and social).

This project is the concoction of Steven Waldman, a Brooklyn resident, journalist and entrepreneur.

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