Questionable behavior from mohels, cops and rabbits

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January 4-11, 2015

Cops manage to squander the sympathy that arose from the killing of two BK police officers [Daily News]

De Blasio to crack down on BK mohels who, um, use their mouths to clean the blood from circumcised babies [Failed Messiah]

National Republicans privately anxious about nominating the prosecutor who didn’t indict Eric Garner’s killer [Politico]
“We would have a complete and utter circus” for the Bay Ridge/Staten Island Congressional seat

Bill Bratton’s full defense of the “broken windows” theory [City Journal]

Controversy and the chocolate factory [NYTimes]
Sunset Park candy plant draws protests and debates about bad vs. good gentrification [BK Mag]

Nets hit rock bottom [The Brooklyn Game]


arabywilliams copy


Prospect Park, by ArabyWilliams via Instagram


More Surprising Lessons from the Police Work Stoppage

We like not getting so many tickets! Maybe we should keep this approach [Gothamist]

The same cloak of puffed grandeur and bombast that surrounds our army can be detected in our police.” [The Atlantic]

This is an attack on “civilian control” [Andrew Sullivan]

It costs New York millions (and saves New Yorkers millions) [Washington Post]


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raoul simon copy

Prospect Park, By Raoul Simon via Instagram


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Ubers, Trains and Automobiles

NYC briefly suspends Uber, which says the request for its records amounts to illegal search and seizure [Autoblog]

Most reliable subway lines in Bk:  D, J, Z [BK Mag]

Turns out, being near a subway is good for your job prospects [NYU Rudin Center]

Very cool history of trolley dodgers, horses and other parts of the BK transit system [Brownstoner]

Williamsburg Omnibus [Brownstoner]


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Animals in the Criminal Justice System

Cat kicker may get lighter punishment [Daily News]

BK DA investigating Gowanus rabbit colony [DNA Info]



The 10 Most influential people in Brooklyn Heights [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

The Park Slope 100 [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]

BK Paper’s “15 to watch” for 2015 [Brooklyn Paper]


BK Celebrities

Why Patrick Stewart loves Park Slope [Daily News]

BK Rapper Joey Bada charged with Australia concert assault [Brooklyn Eagle]


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The Exoneration DA

BK DA Ken Thompson has become famous for exonerating people as much as prosecuting them [Daily News]

How a wrongfully convicted BK man marshaled his defense from prison [NYTimes]


Real Estate

BK’s “most pathetic building of the year” [Curbed]

A critical summary of the Atlantic yards project [Atlantic Yards Report]

North BK sale prices up 32% in 2014 [Brownstoner]

Greenpoint Polish bakery to become condos [DNA Info]

Rent control rules for 2 million New Yorkers set to expire in June [BK Eagle]

Schlitz plant to become lofts for tech workers [Daily News]


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