“#Dragqueen #mudwrestle in my backyard #brooklyn”

These images all came from Instagram on a single day, August 9, 2014:


This caption, by BrooklynNomads, read: Can’t leave home when there is a #dragqueen #mudwrestle in my #backyward #brooklyn



Canarsie, by noahrosenberg:

canarsie by noahrosenberg


Williamsburg, by agustinpolanco:

williamsburg door agustinpolanco


SarahRKaufman captioned this: “Just a regular Saturday night in Brooklyn”

Just a regular Saturday night in brooklyn sarahrkaufman


amyzhangx3 at the big concert in Coney Island:



by jenniferlove222:



A great day for dogs in Prospect Park, by alimanning:

prospect park alimanning


Anyone know the back story here?



iampan captioned this: “TalyerMcFerrin celebrate Brooklyn”

#TaylorMcFerrin celebrate brooklyn iampan


Dumbo, as interpreted by markosq:

dumbo markosq


Block party in Bay Ridge, by victorbk1:

victorbk1 bay ridge


Clever skateboard advocacy, captured by jenniferlynndunne:



Linwalkjohn in Bushwick:

linwalkjohn bushwick


Not Marty Markowitz, via lisa thi:

lisa thi


How can you NOT go? via nicc119:

nicc119 bay ridge yard sale


Yoga moves outside in Brownsiville, via passionlives:

brownsville passionlives


By pphilliposg08:



At Dyker Heights, with hotelkandojo:

dyker heights hotelkandojo


Ft. Green by alulagre:

alulagre in ft green

The verrazano, thanks to gnail lili:

verrazano gnail lili

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