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December 8-14, 2014


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  • 47% lack high-speed connection in Borough Park, Kensington, Ocean Parkway vs. 14% in Park Slope [Kensington BK] 

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Technically Brooklyn

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The idea has “haunted gentrified Williamsburg like a spectre” 

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BK Rennaissance

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BK Passions

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BK Celebrities in the News

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Crime & Policing

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BK and Obama’s Immigration Move

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buy oral prednisone  Killed in the Korean War, his remains were recently identified.

buy prednisone with paypal  Run over by car, steps from her apartment in East Flatbush [Daily News]

can you buy prednisone in spain. Founder of Gowanus bar, Lucy’s lounge, dies in fire [Brooklyn Paper]

buy prednisone steroids. Run over by car on Ave U while walking with grandmother. [Daily News]

buy prednisone tablets online. A Guinea immigrant, at first thought to have died from Ebola in a Brooklyn hair salon. Struggled to make in Brownsville after family tragedy struck. [Brooklyn Ink]


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December 1-7, 2014

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Abbyallender bkb via Instagram

where to buy prednisone [The BK Bridge]
37% of complaints are in Brooklyn (vs. 13% for Queens)

where to buy prednisone uk [Gothamist]
Those earning median incomes would spend 98% of their salaries on median-priced homes of $615,000

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Quotes of the Week

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–Sylvia Palmer, mother of Akai Gurley. [Daily News]

can you buy prednisone online.”
–Gordon Arnold, captain of a new boat to haul NYC human excrement and other waste to the Newtown Creek treatment plant [Brooklyn Paper]

prednisone back order.”
— Nick Schiarizzi, an artist who helped throw a “funeral for Williamsburg” [Brooklyn Daily]

can you order prednisone online.
–Natalia Tasic, a Bensonhurst resident who helps run the Empty Cages Collective which saves rats, squirrels, pigeons and more [Brooklyn Paper]

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–Hector Irakliotis, who married Tatyana Sandler on the N train [Bensonhurst Bean]

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c/o Bensonhurst Bean and YouTube


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Tale of Two Cities (#1)

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Tale of Two Cities (#2)

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BK X Mas

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By 5mariola via Instagram


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And Now for Some Happy Police Stories

buy prednisone 10mg [NY Post]

buy prednisone 1 mg [Brooklyn Eagle]

Cops comfort barefoot boy [Bensonhurst Bean]


BK Innovation Isn’t Just Artisanal Pickles

New store caters to “gender queer” fashion for selective self-identified butch lesbians [Brooklyn Independent Media]

DUMBO firm proposes poor neighborhood sell off air rights to finance development [ Broooklyn]


BK Flags

Designers create flags representing nine BK neighborhoods [Brooklyn Based]


c/o Brooklyn Based

c/o Brooklyn Based

Good News About Ebola and Mentally-Ill Criminals

With more than 100 people tested, hipster Ebola doctor infected no one  [NY Times]

DeBlasio proposes diverting mentally ill from jails ‘revolving door’ [NY Times]


The Mystery of Barclays

Barclays boosting neighborhood…. [Capital NY]

Yet tickets sales are slumping… [Atlantic Yards Report]

…And a media mogul wants to buy it for half its asking price [Atlantic Yards Report]


When the Nets Resort to Biting…

This is the worst period in NYC sports in the modern sports era [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets are now the best pro basketball team in all of NYC [The Brooklyn Game]

Kevin Garnett tries biting Joakim Noah [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets have the most expensive Big 3 in the NBA [The Brooklyn Game]



Blima Friedman, 10. Died when she and her pregnant mom were hit by a car in Borough Park. The baby was delivered by C-section. The mother is in an induced coma. [The Yeshiva World]


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Lubavich selfies, a brazen dog thief, and the homogenization of BK

November 24-30, 2014

In the police killing of an innocent BK man, the key may be public housing decay as much as broken policing [New York Times]

Three separate hit-and-run traffic deaths devastate the same BK middle school [DNA Info]

“How wrong the right was on stop and frisk” [City Limits]

Manhattan getting 65% of new high-speed wi-fi plan; BK getting 12.8% [Daily News]

Video: thief took dog who was briefly tied up outside Park Slope market [FIPS]

Adorable kids, hunky dudes, lovely gals, and debonair dogs, all Repping the Nets [The Brooklyn Game]


By Dawnmarie via Instagram

By Dawnmarie via Instagram

Home and Hearth

Thanksgiving Facebook data reveals: South Carolinians give most thanks for “salvation,” Ohioans for “children’s laughter,” and New Yorkers for… “Apartment.” [Vox]

Why are BK neighborhoods getting so hard to tell apart? [NY Observer]

BK rents have plateaued! [Curbed]

There’s an idea: divert some Wall Street fines toward affordable housing [Crains NY]

rabbi selfie

2000 Lubavich rabbis take a selfie on Eastern Parkway AND they send up drone for an aerial video view! [CO Live]


Quotes of the Week

“Hugs should not cost money!”
–BK first-grade Kamila Filshtinskiy, leading a campaign to stop Elmo and other characters from charging kids for pictures [NY Post]

“The fact that they leave their hands and feet behind is, for me, the creepy fascination.”
–Greenpointer Karen Bachman, who has become an expert on spontaneous human combustion [Brooklyn Daily]

“I have it in me.”
–Women explaining that she stored an $8,000 Rolex in her vagina after DeKalb Ave hook-up [Daily News]

 “Brooklyn came roaring back, just like American will” [DNA Info]
–Sen. Charles Schumer of Park Slope after hearing Brooklyn is a finalist for the Democratic Convention


There Oughta Be A Law?

“Why I’m against a texting-while-cycling-law” [Brooklyn Spoke]

BK councilman urges ban on surges in Uber pricing [Daily News]

BK councilman wants traffic tickets to record the race of the recipient [NY Post]


Wither the “Circus-Based Arts Collective”?

Crossing Brooklyn, the BK’s major exhibit of BK artists is:

Red Hook is the next Venice [Metropolismag]

Artists begin squeezed out, says rep of “circus-based arts collective.” [Brooklyn Independent Media]


BK Innovation Isn’t Just About Artisanal Mayo

Aquaponic farms [Brooklyn Magazine]

Space robots [DNA Info]

Combo chocolate-bars / dog-rescue-propaganda [Brooklyn Makers]

Textbook-free classrooms [DNA Info]

Anti-bullying phone apps [Daily News]


Profane Crime

Vandals graffiti over Warsaw Uprising mural – and then return to take selfies [Nowy Dziennik, translated from Polish by Voices of NY]

Burglar hits 11 churches in southwest BK [Bensonhurst Bean]


Dull But Important

School custodians getting a raise in new contract [NY Post]

Feds claim Coney Island hospital spent Sandy aid on salaries instead of emergency repairs [Capital NY]

NY gears up to handle impact of Obama’s immigration order [NY Times]

Tenants protest that loophole allows landlord to hike rents in stabilized apartments [BK Brief]



Explaining the Nets’ lack of offense [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets Bullied By Chicago In Blowout [The Brooklyn Game]

BK welterweight vies for title at Barclays  [NY 1]
“Every time I go over the bridge I see the water and I just envision myself being a world champion”



By Our Times Press

By Our Times Press

Abdullah H. Abdur-Razzaq, 83.  Bed-Stuy resident was Malcolm X’s last chief of staff. [BK Reader].  Plus: His interview with Our Times Press

Fewer drunk Santas, amazing Verrazano photos and other civic good news

November 17-23, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday, Verrazano Bridge

Photo by  Dave Frieder, Bensonhurst Bean

Photo by Dave Frieder, Bensonhurst Bean

Amazing photos from atop the bridge [Bensonhurst Bean]

Gay Talese describes how it was built [WNYC]

Borough presidents boycott anniversary to protest tolls [NY Post]


By Teresabergenbasinrealty via Instagram

By Teresabergenbasinrealty via Instagram

And in Other Bridge Related News….

Another tourist scales the Brooklyn Bridge [DNA Info]

Pols: enough with the bridge climbing! [Brooklyn Eagle]

Amazing photos from atop the Williamsburg Bridge [Animal NY]

  • “You would think that when you’re sitting on top of the Williamsburg Bridge, looking down at the lights of New York City, the view of the skyline is overwhelming. And it is, but when I was up there, I was far more taken by the enormity of the century-old bulk I had just climbed.”
By Aymann Ismail in Animal New York

By Aymann Ismail in Animal New York

DeBlasio’s Shifting Support

New marijuana policy popular but he’s losing white voters [DNA Info]

  • “Black voters think the mayor is terrific. White voters don’t approve. And the racial gap gets wider every time we ask”

Bratton gets only 47% approval rating in poll. Sharpton’s fault? [NY Post]



In separate incidents, stray bullets injure 71 year old woman on way to doctor and 54 year old man driving on Eastern Parkway

Video: Cop clubs turnstyle jumper [Pix11]

78-year-old woman charged in hit-and-run killing of 14  year old boy in Windsor terrace [NY 1]

Nervous police rookie accidentally kills unarmed man [Daily News]

The dilemma of East NY: fearing crime AND police [BKLYNR]

  • ‘We want more police, but we want them to be more respectful’

15-Year-Old arrested for hate crime attack against Jewish man [DNA Info]


Dull But Important

Brooklyn Community Foundation does sweeping assessment of borough’s concerns [BK Community Foundation]

  • Main problems:  “Consequences of gentrification; opportunities for young people; the criminal justice system; immigrant communities; and racial justice”

Most jarring BK facts:

  • 3rd most economically unequal county in NY State
  • 30% of Brownsville youth not in school or employed
  • 5 of 10 poorest NYC census tracts are in BK
  • Black and Latinos = 57% of BK youth but 95% of those in juvenile detention
  • 50% of households speak a language other than English at home

Report has mostly negative view of gentrification: “Escalating housing costs and displacing tens of thousands of long-term residents from their homes…People feel they have lost agency and voice in their own neighborhoods, and are exacerbating inequities in housing, transportation, education, health, public safety and other areas of community life.”


“Bursting at the Seams”

BK wants more bikes [BK Ink]

Illegal home conversions have Dyker, Bay Ridge schools bursting at seams [Brooklyn Daily]

“C train is garbage” [Brooklyn Magazine]



Bushwick burning [Brooklyn Magazine]

  • In the 1970s, “fires lit every night by crooked landlords, bored teenagers, and desperate residents alike…”

Guide to Coney Island’s honorary walks and places  [Amuzing the Zillions]



Nets fall to Jason Kidd’s Bucks in triple over time thriller [The Brooklyn Game]

Snap losing streak in nail-biter against the Thunder [The Brooklyn Game]

What if the Ray Rice Standard were applied to Jason Kidd’s gruesome history of domestic violence? [The Brooklyn Game]



The BK Bridge Newsletter, November 9, 2014

Zagats declares that almost all NYC’s best pizzerias are in BK [Brooklyn Magazine]

Obama nominates BK prosecutor to be Attorney General; prosecuted Abner Louima’s torturer and Michael Grimm [NY Observer]

Brooklyn produces 400,000 pounds of maraschino cherries each week [NY Daily News]

Gowanusites sue to block parole center, which would draw 526 parolees per day, across from Whole Foods [Brooklyn Eagle]

11% of Bay Ridge’s population suddenly died from Yellow Fever. That’s when the artists moved in. (A history of BK’s first gentrifiers) [BKLYNR]

Is a real estate boom about to hit Southwest BK? [Brooklyn Magazine]

Nets thrash Manhattan Knicks [The Brooklyn Game]

Quotes of the Week

“In New York City, if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to clean your own house.”
–Principal of a BK “gifted and talented” school on the importance of learning a second language [FIPS]

“You get to choose what house you’re in. The books taught us that.”
–Nets Center Brook Lopez, on why he would choose Hufflepuff [The Brooklyn Game]

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BK Primary Results –Cuomo Loses Brownstone Brooklyn

Overall, Gov. Andrew Cuomo defeated Zephyr Teachout in Brooklyn by 65% to 27%, slightly higher than his statewide total.

But Brownstone Brooklyn actually voted more for his dark horse opponent. Teachout won the Assembly District 44, which includes Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Ocean Parkway and parts of Ditmas. She also won AD 52, which includes Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 1.21.20 PM
Source: New York City Board of Elections

Other Brooklyn election results, via The Brooklyn Eagle.

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 1.12.20 PM

Pols, wigs, smells and schools — Brooklyn’s Week

September 1-7, 2014

nicolas heller

The “Bushwig” drag festival. More images from BK Captured.

Hyperlocal News & Smells

Smelliest neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Greenwood Heights, Navy Hill, Vinegar Hill. Least smelly: Starrett City, Brownsville, Sunset Park. Full rankings>> [Brickunderground]

McCarren pool visits up, Jesse Owens pool down [NY Daily News]

Forensic hydrology at the Gowanus Superfund site [NY Times]

‘Deadbeat’ Brooklyn pol gets her landlord arrested [NY Post]

Judgmental map  of Williamsburg: “Hipsters with really rich parents,” “Poop pool,” “Ended up at a party here once” [Judgmentalmaps]


Bumper Crop of Competitive Primaries Tuesday

20th State Senate (Eastern Parkway, Gowanus, PLG)

Seat vacated by Eric Adams. Candidates: Jesse Hamilton, Rubain Dorancy

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The matzoh ball soup challenge, politics & the pre-K surge

August 24-31, 2014

serene star

The Kiddies Carnival before the Labor Day Parade. Here’s Brooklyn Magazines guide to the J’ouvert and the big festival 

Political Season Heats Up

Major battle erupts for BK’s state senate seat vacated by Eric Adams [Daily News]

Progressive challenges long-time incumbent Martin Dilan in Williamsburg senate race [DNA Info]

Police union tries to scuttle BK’s convention bid by saying the city is now too dangerous [Brokelyn]

Raucus debate for assembly seat covering Brownstone Brooklyn [NY1]



Flatbush family that lost five people struggles to pay for funerals  [NY1]
Donate to help here 

Watch: Chabad comedy: instead of ice, try a bucket of scalding matzah ball soup [Crown Heights Info]

Watch: adorable Brooklyn leaguers explain how they won national championship [Brooklyn Community Media]

Prospect Park’s therapeutical horse program gets large donation from Borough Pres [KensingtonBK]

victoriology light

Red coats retreat (again) in Battle of Brooklyn re-enactment [Brooklyn Eagle]


BK Readies for Pre-K Surge

95% of pre-k slots filled but Comptroller questions school safety [Chalk Beat]

Coverage of the scramble for the coveted seats in Park SlopeKensington,  Ditmas and Bishop Ford HS

In other education news:

DeBlasio defends plan to reduce emphasis on admission test to BK Tech and other specialized schools [Daily News]

Principal fined (but not fired) for making subordinates buy booze, pick up dry cleaning  [Daily News]


The Brooklyn Exodus?

Watch: Sari Botton tearfully breaks up with sexy Brooklyn: “You cost more than I think you’re worth.” [Brooklyn Independent Media]

Gentrification dilemma: Do I take the buyout? [Brooklyn Ink]

BK Mag: Good riddance to those abandoning BK [Brooklyn Magazine]



Cronut shop takes on long time donut shop in Greenpoint pastry war [NY Times]

Using up your summer veggies with these no-cook recipies [DNA Info]

Sunset Park distillery invents pure alcohol with neutral flavor [ Brooklyn]



Open letter to Nets player / gay pioneer Jason Collins: we admire you greatly…now please retire [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets Russian owner inducted in Jewish hall of fame [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets coach Hollins blasts lack of loyalty in today’s NBA [The Brooklyn Game]

Cyclones dramatic drive to the playoffs [Brooklyn Eagle]


Things to Do

Brooklyn Comedy festival [Brooklyn Based]

All the stores coming to Brooklyn this fall [Brooklyn Magazine]

Shrek the musical coming to Bay Ridge [Brooklyn Eagle]


BK Captured. Amazing images from this week in Brooklyn. Here

wayofthetomahawk light



Brooklyn’s Week (Flag Flaps, Protests, BK Odors….)

August 9-15, 2014

German artists stole the BK Bridge flag, and freaked out Brooklyn, in order to convey “the beauty of public space” 
NY Times

BK leads the way in odors from treatment plant and pets

WATCH: Hysterical rap video mocks/celebrates BK foodies
Brooklyn Based

Brooklynites protest Michael  Brown shooting and policy brutality
Daily News

Should citizens videotape cops?
Brooklyn Independent Media

Compelling social media photos of the “hands up” BK protests
The BK Bridge


DeBlasio gun violence initiative targets Seagate, Coney Island, East Flatbush, Brownsville and E.NY

Watch: Inside the world of Orthodox Jewish wigs
Crown Heights.Info

Ft Greene residents claim gentrification has led to more renegade dog poops
Daily News

The “Hipster Twister” hits Mccarren Park

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