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December 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015

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MARIO CUOMO’S BK YEARS: buy prednisone for humans[Atlantic]

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Mario Cuomo graduated first in his class at St. John’s University School of Law School in 1956 but his job application was how to buy prednisone for dogs  As Charles Hynes, the longtime Brooklyn District Attorney, put it: “in those days, bigotry was not confined to matters of skin pigmentation.”

This excerpt from buy prednisone in mexico describes his years at the Brooklyn firm of Corner, Weisbrod, Froeb and Charles.

When Mario Cuomo went into private practice, he joined a firm in Brooklyn, becoming part of the throng of lawyers whose offices crowd Court Street to this day. The term “Court Street lawyer” has curious connotations in the city’s legal profession; it is used to refer to the mob of assembly-line attorneys who fill the borough’s personal-injury and nuisancesuit courts. (In one legal broil a professor at Brooklyn Law School actually countersued a colleague for calling him a Court Street lawyer.) Cuomo, as it happens, worked for Corner, Weisbrod, Froeb, and Charles, one of the two or three prestige firms in the area. But, as the firm’s first litigation specialist, he was not entirely separate from the contentious ambience of Court Street.

Going to trial requires a fantastic level of commitment. When court is in session, good litigators work round the clock in a state of meticulously controlled fury. Cuomo loved it.

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December 22-28, 2014


is it legal to buy prednisone online[Brokelyn]

  • “Dunkin’ Donuts rules the chain store landscape with an iron fist full of fake Cronuts”
  • 52 new chain stores in Brooklyn in 2014. can i buy prednisone online in uk [NYC Future]

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Commentary about the Police Killings, the Second Wave

Last week Guiliani buy prednisone 20 mgor creating anti-cop environment. This week he called on De Blasio critics to buy prednisone online overnightbuy prednisone online uk” [Crown Heights Info]

buy prednisone online canada [City Limits]

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Quotes of the Week

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— The explanation given to a friend by buy prednisone with paypal, one of the slain police officers, on why he chose this profession

can you buy prednisone in spain
–Midwood High School guidance counsellor on why she can’t spend much time with students (in contrast to BK’s private schools)


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BK Culture

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buy prednisone without Park Slope artist. “Every object in his apartment is placed with the symbolic purpose of an Egyptian tomb, though dedicated to the present.” [Psychology Tomorrow Magazine]

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can you buy prednisone online Prospect Heights artist, office manager, fun-loving “cookie-monster” [Make Me Stronger]

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The murders:

Anger and accusations:

The victims:

The shooter:

Probably not-representative Tweets:

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In Other News….

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BK Gift Guides

From Brokleyn:

From Brooklyn Magazine

Holiday Activities

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“Best Of” for 2014

can i order prednisone online [The L Magazine]

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Holiday Spirit

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Pet Justice

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Civic Dilemmas

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December 8-14, 2014


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Apparently, torture did NOT save the Brooklyn Bridge [TheBKBridge]

Brooklyn has the least-wired neighborhood in all of NYC

  • 47% lack high-speed connection in Borough Park, Kensington, Ocean Parkway vs. 14% in Park Slope [Kensington BK] 

Map of the racial makeup of every public school in Brooklyn [DNA Info]

Brooklyn Paper photographer attacked by welcome-host drone at TGIF restaurant [Brooklyn Daily]

Video: Fred Armisen does Park Slope and Bay Ridge accents at Bell House [Brokelyn]


roomzoomproject copy 2

Pictures from the historic day when UK royalty met BK royalty and Cleveland Royalty (King LeBron James) at a Nets game.



Technically Brooklyn

Apple store to open in Williamsburg [Brokelyn]
The idea has “haunted gentrified Williamsburg like a spectre” 

586 new BK wi-fi locations at old pay phone booths [Bensonhurst Bean]

Broadband connectivity is crucial in tackling NYC’s racial inequality [City Limits]



x.alvino copy

More of the best BK Instagrams


BK Rennaissance

Once critical to NYC, the humble oyster attempts a comeback [BKLYNR]

NYC ranked the most livable city for people under 35 [Vocativ]

Bed-Stuy is booming [Brownstoner]

Rents up 10% in Brooklyn since January [Brownstoner]

Diana Ross concert marks unveiling of spectacularly renovated King Theatre [Ditmas Park Corner]


BK Passions

Curling!  [NY Times]

Santas race through Bay Ridge [Brooklyn Daily]

BK African-American stylists crusade for natural hair [BK Independent Media]

Williamsburg man turns trash into sculpture garden [NY Times]
The best BK Instagrams of the week




BK Celebrities in the News

“No right way to survive rape”: Lena Dunham responds to critics of her rape story [Brooklyn Magazine]

Joan Rivers leaves money for Brooklyn charity [Brooklyn Eagle]



2 BK high schools battle in snowy NYC football championship [Brooklyn Independent Media]

Video: Mirza Teletovic’s dipsy doo reverse layup [The Brooklyn Game]

Amidst rumors that the Nets Big Three are on the block, fans weigh in with weird and funny trade ideas [The Brooklyn Game]



Crime & Policing

Eric Garner’s widow denies race was chokehold motive [NY Post]

Bratton: Kelly’s stop-and-frisk caused minorities to fear cops [NY Post]

Brooklyn District Attorney sends NYPD shooting case to Grand Jury [Brooklyn Eagle]


BK and Obama’s Immigration Move

15 year old boy flees gangs in Honduras and lands in Brooklyn [NY Times]

Immigration reform gets mixed reviews in Sunset Park [Brooklyn Ink]



becrind copy

The first snow




Anthony La Rossa, 18.  Killed in the Korean War, his remains were recently identified.

Joan Hale, 71.  Run over by car, steps from her apartment in East Flatbush [Daily News]

Evelyn Dahab, 33. Founder of Gowanus bar, Lucy’s lounge, dies in fire [Brooklyn Paper]

Katrina Wang, 9. Run over by car on Ave U while walking with grandmother. [Daily News]

Fatoumatta Camara, 41. A Guinea immigrant, at first thought to have died from Ebola in a Brooklyn hair salon. Struggled to make in Brownsville after family tragedy struck. [Brooklyn Ink]


BK Captured, December 14, 2014

Untitled copy
By Alignnone via Instagram. Dyker Heights


minoritychic copy 2
By Minoritychic. Dyker Heights lights. Via Instagram.


rosielovesarturo checking out the christmas  lights in dyker heights in the rain from the comfort of a dray warm car copy
By Roselovesarturo, “Checking out the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights in the rain from the comfor of a dry, warm car.”


jwilcox79 giant santa is terrifying copy
By Jwilcox79. “Giant Santa is terrifying.” Dyker Heights lights. Via Instagram.


roomzoomproject copy 2
By Roomzoomproject.  The Royals take in a Nets game.


drewdowdey copy
By Drewdowdey.  BK royalty meets UK royalty.


Tabecc copy 2
By Tabecc.  A protest before the game.


billiethakidd monday night was epic royalshutdown everyone worried about the king and queen but weshutitdown i cant breathe copy 2
By Billiethakidd. “Monday night was epic. Royal shutdown. Everyone worried about the Kingand Queen but we #ShutItDown #ICantBreathe.”

becrind copy
By Becrind. The first snow.


facelessnyc copy
By Facelessnyc


ericaglyn copy
By Ericaglyn


x.alvino copy
By x.alvino



Apparently, torture did NOT save the Brooklyn Bridge

The CIA repeatedly — and falsely — claimed that torture kept the Brooklyn Bridge safe, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report. 

In briefing materials, the CIA claimed that it was the torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) that led to the capture of Iyman Faris, an Ohio truck driver who later pled guilty to trying to blow up the Bridge.   National Review cited the case in its article, “waterboarding has its benefits.”

But the Senate report stated:

“Over a period of years, the CIA provided the “identification,” “arrest,” “capture,” “investigation,” and “prosecution” of Iyman Faris as evidence for the effectiveness of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

These representations were inaccurate.

Iyman Faris was identified, investigated, and linked directly to al-Qa’ida prior to any mention of Iyman Faris by KSM or any other CIA detainee. When approached by law enforcement, Iyman Faris voluntarily provided information and made self-incriminating statements. On May 1, 2003, Iyman Faris pied guilty to terrorism-related charges and admitted “to casing a New York City bridge for al Qaeda, and researching and providing information to al Qaeda regarding the tools necessary for possible attacks on U.S. targets.”

Indeed, at one point a CIA official cautioned that the continued use of Faris as an example would end up embarrassing them.

“TC Legal, expressed concern that “the examples cited, while true, and perhaps as far as we can go, are not… striking examples of lives saved.” Referencing KSM’s reporting on Iyman Faris, noted that “we risk making ourselves look silly if the best we can do is the Brooklyn Bridge – perhaps we should omit specific examples rather than ‘damn ourselves with faint praise.'”

Another CIA official mocked the seriousness of the Bridge plot:

“A senior CIA counterterrorism official, who had previously served a chief of the Bin Ladin Unit, commented on the intelligence obtained from Iyman Faris on the Brooklyn Bridge plotting, stating: “i guess we have to take these guys at their word, but if these are the types of attacks ksm was planning, [KSM] was more of a nuisnace [sic] than a threat and you have to wonder how he ever thought of anything as imaginative as the 11 sept attacks. i wonder if he had two tracks going: ops like 11 sept and a whole other series half-baked, secular palestinian-style ops like those majid khan, faris, and the other yahoos are talking about. perhaps he believe [sic] if we caught the yahoos, we would relax a bit and they would be better able to hit us with an effective attack?”

BK leads NYC in chokeholds, leads US in unaffordability

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December 1-7, 2014

Abbyallender bkb via Instagram

Abbyallender bkb via Instagram

Brooklyn leads the city in chokeholds [The BK Bridge]
37% of complaints are in Brooklyn (vs. 13% for Queens)

BK now the most unaffordable place to buy a home in U.S. [Gothamist]
Those earning median incomes would spend 98% of their salaries on median-priced homes of $615,000

Crime in NYC drops again [NY Times]

Rookie cop who shot East NY man Akai Gurley texted his union rep before calling for medical help [Daily News]

Inside BK’s underground boxing parties [Bedford and Bowery]

Jesus pops up in selfies, via Brooklyn Diocese marketing campaign [Brokelyn]


Quotes of the Week

“I feel like I’m laying in the morgue with him right now.”
–Sylvia Palmer, mother of Akai Gurley. [Daily News]

“The sludge never stops.”
–Gordon Arnold, captain of a new boat to haul NYC human excrement and other waste to the Newtown Creek treatment plant [Brooklyn Paper]

“Williamsburg has become like a giant Hollywood set of what the rest of the world thinks Brooklyn is like.”
— Nick Schiarizzi, an artist who helped throw a “funeral for Williamsburg” [Brooklyn Daily]

“Racism is exactly the same as species-ism.
–Natalia Tasic, a Bensonhurst resident who helps run the Empty Cages Collective which saves rats, squirrels, pigeons and more [Brooklyn Paper]

“Yes, I am an imbecile, but she seems to love me anyway, so I’m going to try to lock her in now while I can.”
–Hector Irakliotis, who married Tatyana Sandler on the N train [Bensonhurst Bean]

c/o Bensonhurst Bean and YouTube

c/o Bensonhurst Bean and YouTube


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Tale of Two Cities (#1)

Park Slope house sells for $10.8M, sets neighborhood record [Curbed]

Bushwick church sells off its properties for $2.9 million [Brownstoner]


Tale of Two Cities (#2)

HIV still a huge problem in two BK neigbhorhoods [BK Mag]

Seventy-eight computers left un-opened for years at Boys and Girls HS [NY Post]


BK X Mas

13 places to see awesome Christmas tree lights in BK [DNA Info]

Cool picks for BK-made gifts [Brooklyn Based]

Fiftheen things to do with kids this season [South Slope News]

Holiday events round up [Brokelyn]

By 5mariola via Instagram

By 5mariola via Instagram


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And Now for Some Happy Police Stories

Complaints against the NYPD down [NY Post]

East NY takes the lead with body cameras for cops [Brooklyn Eagle]

Cops comfort barefoot boy [Bensonhurst Bean]


BK Innovation Isn’t Just Artisanal Pickles

New store caters to “gender queer” fashion for selective self-identified butch lesbians [Brooklyn Independent Media]

DUMBO firm proposes poor neighborhood sell off air rights to finance development [ Broooklyn]


BK Flags

Designers create flags representing nine BK neighborhoods [Brooklyn Based]


c/o Brooklyn Based

c/o Brooklyn Based

Good News About Ebola and Mentally-Ill Criminals

With more than 100 people tested, hipster Ebola doctor infected no one  [NY Times]

DeBlasio proposes diverting mentally ill from jails ‘revolving door’ [NY Times]


The Mystery of Barclays

Barclays boosting neighborhood…. [Capital NY]

Yet tickets sales are slumping… [Atlantic Yards Report]

…And a media mogul wants to buy it for half its asking price [Atlantic Yards Report]


When the Nets Resort to Biting…

This is the worst period in NYC sports in the modern sports era [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets are now the best pro basketball team in all of NYC [The Brooklyn Game]

Kevin Garnett tries biting Joakim Noah [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets have the most expensive Big 3 in the NBA [The Brooklyn Game]



Blima Friedman, 10. Died when she and her pregnant mom were hit by a car in Borough Park. The baby was delivered by C-section. The mother is in an induced coma. [The Yeshiva World]


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