Lubavich selfies, a brazen dog thief, and the homogenization of BK

November 24-30, 2014

In the police killing of an innocent BK man, the key may be public housing decay as much as broken policing [New York Times]

Three separate hit-and-run traffic deaths devastate the same BK middle school [DNA Info]

“How wrong the right was on stop and frisk” [City Limits]

Manhattan getting 65% of new high-speed wi-fi plan; BK getting 12.8% [Daily News]

Video: thief took dog who was briefly tied up outside Park Slope market [FIPS]

Adorable kids, hunky dudes, lovely gals, and debonair dogs, all Repping the Nets [The Brooklyn Game]


By Dawnmarie via Instagram

By Dawnmarie via Instagram

Home and Hearth

Thanksgiving Facebook data reveals: South Carolinians give most thanks for “salvation,” Ohioans for “children’s laughter,” and New Yorkers for… “Apartment.” [Vox]

Why are BK neighborhoods getting so hard to tell apart? [NY Observer]

BK rents have plateaued! [Curbed]

There’s an idea: divert some Wall Street fines toward affordable housing [Crains NY]

rabbi selfie

2000 Lubavich rabbis take a selfie on Eastern Parkway AND they send up drone for an aerial video view! [CO Live]


Quotes of the Week

“Hugs should not cost money!”
–BK first-grade Kamila Filshtinskiy, leading a campaign to stop Elmo and other characters from charging kids for pictures [NY Post]

“The fact that they leave their hands and feet behind is, for me, the creepy fascination.”
–Greenpointer Karen Bachman, who has become an expert on spontaneous human combustion [Brooklyn Daily]

“I have it in me.”
–Women explaining that she stored an $8,000 Rolex in her vagina after DeKalb Ave hook-up [Daily News]

 “Brooklyn came roaring back, just like American will” [DNA Info]
–Sen. Charles Schumer of Park Slope after hearing Brooklyn is a finalist for the Democratic Convention


There Oughta Be A Law?

“Why I’m against a texting-while-cycling-law” [Brooklyn Spoke]

BK councilman urges ban on surges in Uber pricing [Daily News]

BK councilman wants traffic tickets to record the race of the recipient [NY Post]


Wither the “Circus-Based Arts Collective”?

Crossing Brooklyn, the BK’s major exhibit of BK artists is:

Red Hook is the next Venice [Metropolismag]

Artists begin squeezed out, says rep of “circus-based arts collective.” [Brooklyn Independent Media]


BK Innovation Isn’t Just About Artisanal Mayo

Aquaponic farms [Brooklyn Magazine]

Space robots [DNA Info]

Combo chocolate-bars / dog-rescue-propaganda [Brooklyn Makers]

Textbook-free classrooms [DNA Info]

Anti-bullying phone apps [Daily News]


Profane Crime

Vandals graffiti over Warsaw Uprising mural – and then return to take selfies [Nowy Dziennik, translated from Polish by Voices of NY]

Burglar hits 11 churches in southwest BK [Bensonhurst Bean]


Dull But Important

School custodians getting a raise in new contract [NY Post]

Feds claim Coney Island hospital spent Sandy aid on salaries instead of emergency repairs [Capital NY]

NY gears up to handle impact of Obama’s immigration order [NY Times]

Tenants protest that loophole allows landlord to hike rents in stabilized apartments [BK Brief]



Explaining the Nets’ lack of offense [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets Bullied By Chicago In Blowout [The Brooklyn Game]

BK welterweight vies for title at Barclays  [NY 1]
“Every time I go over the bridge I see the water and I just envision myself being a world champion”



By Our Times Press

By Our Times Press

Abdullah H. Abdur-Razzaq, 83.  Bed-Stuy resident was Malcolm X’s last chief of staff. [BK Reader].  Plus: His interview with Our Times Press

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