BK leads NYC in chokeholds, leads US in unaffordability

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December 1-7, 2014

Abbyallender bkb via Instagram

Abbyallender bkb via Instagram

Brooklyn leads the city in chokeholds [The BK Bridge]
37% of complaints are in Brooklyn (vs. 13% for Queens)

BK now the most unaffordable place to buy a home in U.S. [Gothamist]
Those earning median incomes would spend 98% of their salaries on median-priced homes of $615,000

Crime in NYC drops again [NY Times]

Rookie cop who shot East NY man Akai Gurley texted his union rep before calling for medical help [Daily News]

Inside BK’s underground boxing parties [Bedford and Bowery]

Jesus pops up in selfies, via Brooklyn Diocese marketing campaign [Brokelyn]


Quotes of the Week

“I feel like I’m laying in the morgue with him right now.”
–Sylvia Palmer, mother of Akai Gurley. [Daily News]

“The sludge never stops.”
–Gordon Arnold, captain of a new boat to haul NYC human excrement and other waste to the Newtown Creek treatment plant [Brooklyn Paper]

“Williamsburg has become like a giant Hollywood set of what the rest of the world thinks Brooklyn is like.”
— Nick Schiarizzi, an artist who helped throw a “funeral for Williamsburg” [Brooklyn Daily]

“Racism is exactly the same as species-ism.
–Natalia Tasic, a Bensonhurst resident who helps run the Empty Cages Collective which saves rats, squirrels, pigeons and more [Brooklyn Paper]

“Yes, I am an imbecile, but she seems to love me anyway, so I’m going to try to lock her in now while I can.”
–Hector Irakliotis, who married Tatyana Sandler on the N train [Bensonhurst Bean]

c/o Bensonhurst Bean and YouTube

c/o Bensonhurst Bean and YouTube


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Tale of Two Cities (#1)

Park Slope house sells for $10.8M, sets neighborhood record [Curbed]

Bushwick church sells off its properties for $2.9 million [Brownstoner]


Tale of Two Cities (#2)

HIV still a huge problem in two BK neigbhorhoods [BK Mag]

Seventy-eight computers left un-opened for years at Boys and Girls HS [NY Post]


BK X Mas

13 places to see awesome Christmas tree lights in BK [DNA Info]

Cool picks for BK-made gifts [Brooklyn Based]

Fiftheen things to do with kids this season [South Slope News]

Holiday events round up [Brokelyn]

By 5mariola via Instagram

By 5mariola via Instagram


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And Now for Some Happy Police Stories

Complaints against the NYPD down [NY Post]

East NY takes the lead with body cameras for cops [Brooklyn Eagle]

Cops comfort barefoot boy [Bensonhurst Bean]


BK Innovation Isn’t Just Artisanal Pickles

New store caters to “gender queer” fashion for selective self-identified butch lesbians [Brooklyn Independent Media]

DUMBO firm proposes poor neighborhood sell off air rights to finance development [Technical.ly Broooklyn]


BK Flags

Designers create flags representing nine BK neighborhoods [Brooklyn Based]


c/o Brooklyn Based

c/o Brooklyn Based

Good News About Ebola and Mentally-Ill Criminals

With more than 100 people tested, hipster Ebola doctor infected no one  [NY Times]

DeBlasio proposes diverting mentally ill from jails ‘revolving door’ [NY Times]


The Mystery of Barclays

Barclays boosting neighborhood…. [Capital NY]

Yet tickets sales are slumping… [Atlantic Yards Report]

…And a media mogul wants to buy it for half its asking price [Atlantic Yards Report]


When the Nets Resort to Biting…

This is the worst period in NYC sports in the modern sports era [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets are now the best pro basketball team in all of NYC [The Brooklyn Game]

Kevin Garnett tries biting Joakim Noah [The Brooklyn Game]

Nets have the most expensive Big 3 in the NBA [The Brooklyn Game]



Blima Friedman, 10. Died when she and her pregnant mom were hit by a car in Borough Park. The baby was delivered by C-section. The mother is in an induced coma. [The Yeshiva World]


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