BK Captured, December 14, 2014

Untitled copy
By Alignnone via Instagram. Dyker Heights


minoritychic copy 2
By Minoritychic. Dyker Heights lights. Via Instagram.


rosielovesarturo checking out the christmas  lights in dyker heights in the rain from the comfort of a dray warm car copy
By Roselovesarturo, “Checking out the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights in the rain from the comfor of a dry, warm car.”


jwilcox79 giant santa is terrifying copy
By Jwilcox79. “Giant Santa is terrifying.” Dyker Heights lights. Via Instagram.


roomzoomproject copy 2
By Roomzoomproject.  The Royals take in a Nets game.


drewdowdey copy
By Drewdowdey.  BK royalty meets UK royalty.


Tabecc copy 2
By Tabecc.  A protest before the game.


billiethakidd monday night was epic royalshutdown everyone worried about the king and queen but weshutitdown i cant breathe copy 2
By Billiethakidd. “Monday night was epic. Royal shutdown. Everyone worried about the Kingand Queen but we #ShutItDown #ICantBreathe.”

becrind copy
By Becrind. The first snow.


facelessnyc copy
By Facelessnyc


ericaglyn copy
By Ericaglyn


x.alvino copy
By x.alvino



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