BK Captured: October 13-19, 2014

This week’s Instagrams:


By acamchoe


adamheimlich ppark
By Adamheimlich, Fall in Prospect Park


amrosario Ocean  Parkway
By Amrosraio, Ocean Parkway


ankagaluza manhattan beach
By Ankagaluze, Manhattan Beach


artem korzhov botanic
By Artem Korzhov, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden


bigpoppastyles big poppas barbership brownsville
By Bigpoppastyles, Big Poppas Barbershop, Brownsville


brooklynnets brooklynettes photo shoot
By The Brooklynnets, photo shoot for the Brooklynettes


brooklynnets jj teague and willie read shanghai
By Brooklynnets, the Nets visit Shangahi


By Jrealist


By Otrodios


queenl30 dumbo arts festival
Bu Queen130, Dumbo Arts Festival


rosaleenguyen verrazano
By Rosaleenguyen, Verrazano


shawniebee warsaw bar and lounge this is how close i am about to be damien rice happy birthdayto me
By Shawniebee, Warsaw Bar and Lounge, “This is how close I am about to be to Damien Rice. Happy Birthday to me.”

aebell brooklyn navy yard
By Aebell, Brooklyn Navy Yard


alisonlmorris living across th street from the meat hook is the best thing thats ever happened to me
By Alisonmorris, “living across the street from the Meat Hook is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


tiffany chu brooklyn  bolts football history mcu stadium
By Tiffany Chu, the Brooklyn Bolts make football history at MCU Stadium


By Shootingshelly


jacieedickson bolts
By Jacieedickson, the Bolts

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