Pols, wigs, smells and schools — Brooklyn’s Week

September 1-7, 2014

nicolas heller

The “Bushwig” drag festival. More images from BK Captured.

Hyperlocal News & Smells

Smelliest neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Greenwood Heights, Navy Hill, Vinegar Hill. Least smelly: Starrett City, Brownsville, Sunset Park. Full rankings>> [Brickunderground]

McCarren pool visits up, Jesse Owens pool down [NY Daily News]

Forensic hydrology at the Gowanus Superfund site [NY Times]

‘Deadbeat’ Brooklyn pol gets her landlord arrested [NY Post]

Judgmental map  of Williamsburg: “Hipsters with really rich parents,” “Poop pool,” “Ended up at a party here once” [Judgmentalmaps]


Bumper Crop of Competitive Primaries Tuesday

20th State Senate (Eastern Parkway, Gowanus, PLG)

Seat vacated by Eric Adams. Candidates: Jesse Hamilton, Rubain Dorancy

19th State Senate (Canarsie, East NY, Brownsville)
Indicted pol John Sampson of Canarsie running for re-election vs. Sean Henry

52nd Assembly (‘Brownstone Brooklyn,” Downtown)
Controversies over BK Bridge Park, LICH — Pete Sikora, Joanne Simon, Doug Biviano

54th Assembly (Bushwick)
Vacated by Rafel Espinal. Candidates: Erik Dilan, Kimberly Council

55th Assembly (Crown Heights, Bushwick)
Seat opened when William Boyland went to prison. Candidates: Lori Boozer, Lartice Monique Walker, Tony Herbert, Christopher Durosinimi

60th Assembly (East NY)
Inez Barron out, husband Charles Barron in? Barron vs. Christopher Banks, James Tillman.


  • Cuomo refuses to debate so Teachout chats with Republican candidate [WNYC]
  • “Another Cuomo non-interference story falls apart” [Capital NY]
  • Cuomo pushes progressive record [NY Post]

“Us Against Them”

Pol asks: Will Lefferts Manor “sell out” people of color, like Park Slope did? [Q at Parkside]

Yeshiva students attack black man walking dog [Failed Messiah]

BK man hurls garbage can at Muslim women [NY Daily News]

Hamas license plate in Bay Ridge rejected [Brooklyn Paper]


BK Passings

622x350Joan Rivers (Joan Malinsky)

Growing up in Brooklyn: “My mother wanted M.D. to stand for Make Dollars” [Jewish Women Encyclopedia]

Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence sing “Brooklyn” as lead in to Joan Rivers routine [YouTube]

Joan Rivers grew up  on this block [Brooklyn Magazine]
Army Pfc. Bernard Gavrin

The 29-year-old Brooklynite died during World War II after coming under a suicide attack in the Northern Mariana Islands. But his remains were just found in Japan [Defense Department]

Back to School

Interactive map shows most popular Kindergartens in Brooklyn [DNA Info]

DeBlasio pushes speed cameras near schools [BK Reader]

City used inexperienced workers for pre-K inspection blitz [DNA Info]


BK Characters

Dog festival [GowanusYourFaceOff]

Wyatt Cenac [Brooklyn Magazine]

The breast-themed bar cover up [DNA Info]

Senior Idol auditions [Bensonhurst Bean]


“Brooklyn” Brand

Bushwick-scented candles [Bushwick Daily]

The clickiest things said about  Brooklyn [Brooklyn Magazine]


Itty Bitty Apartments

New housing trend: chopping up BK apartments into smaller bits [BK Reader]

A windowless apartment for $1,250 [Fucked in Park Slope]



Cyclones fall just short of  playoffs: “We have a very good team, but we made 111 errors [this season]” [Brooklyn Eagle]

Minor league football arrives in Brooklyn [NY Daily News]

Nets coach Lionel Hollins confirms he is no ogre [The Brooklyn Game]

BK Captured


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