BK Captured — Sept 22-29, 2014

biggerthanpangea the most phone-grabbing image in bk has just happened. paralzying sense of wonder. people getting out of their cars, stopping instreets, it may be theend of the world park slope
By biggerthanpangea, “The most phone-grabbing image in BK has just happened. Paralyzing sense of wonder. People getting out of their cars, stopping in streets. It may be the end of the world.”


By mivhcela


cminard1012 the one where they dye the gowanus canal flourescent green
By cminard1012, “The one where they dye the Gowanus Canal flourescent green.”


elzzle chess
By elzzle. An intense game of chess.


foodgazum red velvet doughnut ice cream sandwich peterpan bakery greenpoint
By foodgazum, a red velvet doughnut ice cream sandwich at Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint


By guruahir


imanihenry WE WON flatbush crownheights
By iaminhenry, “WE WON — Flatbush, Crown Heights”


ladiosa8509 los papi rinc d brooklyn
By ladiosa8509, “Los papi rinc d Brooklyn”


livebyladybugs crown heights easternparkway
By livebyladybugs


leybediaz industry city

By leybediaz, in Industry City


thehelmetclub the babies gotta lock uptoo
By thehelmetclub, “the babies gotta lock up too.”



nets media day
By brooklynnets


noiseofmadison theblackkeys barclays
By noiseofmaidson, The Black Keys at Barclays


rase campagne greenpoint
By ras campagne, Greenpoint


steentime bkbridge park
By steentime, Brooklyn Bridge Park


By syriik


joncronin prospect  heights
By joncronin, Prospect Heights

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